New Year's Resolution? Don't sign a fitness contract. 2 years ago

Are you looking at making a New Years resolution to get fit in 2018? There are lots of fitness centres you can choose to sign up with. The problem with most fitness centres or gyms you come across is that they only offer contracts to visit their club. This means you will be locked-in to paying that gyms monthly fee for the period they have set in the contract, this is usually at least 6 months. Plus, on top of the monthly fee, they will generally charge a setup fee of about $100 and even an additional fee for an access card if it’s needed.

No-one wants to be stuck paying $30 a month for a club they might not like or use.

A lot of people will rush out in the New Year to sign a contract with a fitness centre and then realise that the centre just does not have the facilities that they need. This means that they will be stuck paying the fee each month when they don’t get exactly what they need out of the facility or even worse, they might just give up and not visit the club at all.

What other choices do you have if this is what all clubs do? Well, if you do your research, you could try out a few gyms that offer a “Casual Visit” service and then decide which club has the best facilities for you.

What’s a casual visit? How much will it cost?

A casual visit is a service that a lot of fitness centres offer for people who are just visiting from out of town and still want to work out. The catch with this service is that they usually charge around about 15% more than a usual week at the gym AND the fee is on a per-visit basis meaning that you have to pay every time you want to visit the club and work out.

What other options do I have?

FlexxiFit offers a service that allows you to visit multiple independent fitness centres across Australia without the need to sign a lock-in contract or pay inflated, single-visit fees.

Who can use FlexxiFit?

Anyone can use FlexxiFit, it is an easy-to-use service where you can purchase a pass and visit numerous fitness centres all from a simple mobile app available on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

If you:

  • are wanting to trial numerous fitness clubs or gyms for your new year’s resolution.
  • have a fitness contract that has expired or is about to expire
  • are visiting from out of town and want to train all week, not just one day
  • work in the city and want to train at home on the weekends
  • travel long distances and stay in different towns constantly, either for work or pleasure

The possibilities of FlexxiFit are endless and with new fitness centres coming every week, FlexxiFit is quickly becoming the best way to manage your fitness memberships.

For more information on FlexxiFit and pricing, check out the passes on the FlexxiFit website: