How to Plan Your Visit to the Gym 2 years ago

Gym visits are events worth planning for. Not only do you want to make sure you have everything you need but certain measures are required to ensure a good experience. Otherwise, you drastically decrease your chance of returning.

Pack Your Gym Bag

First, you’ll need to pack a few essentials. This includes:


  1. A lock
    • You want to secure your belongings in the locker room.
  2. Change of clothes
    • No one wants to walk out in sweaty gym clothes. A change of clothes means you can work out then get on with your day.
  3. At least two towels
    • You need one towel for yourself and a second to wipe the sweat off any equipment used.
  4. Disinfectant wipes
    • Although encouraged, gym etiquette is not followed by everyone. It’s always a good idea to disinfect any equipment before use.
  5. Deodorant
    • This one is obvious. Deodorant is arguably the most important gym bag essential.
  6. Shower shoes
    • Fungus and numerous other bacteria thrive in the warm, moist environment.
  7. Water bottle
    • Fountains are covered in bacteria. Don’t risk it.

Devise a Plan

Everyone should enter the gym with a plan. You can design your own or try one you found on one of your favourite fitness blogs or websites. Upon entering, first, head to the locker to secure your belongings. As you make your way there, scan the gym to see what equipment is available, what areas are the least crowded and, most importantly, get an idea of where everything is so you aren’t wandering around aimlessly. Then, head to the cardio machines for your warm up before moving on to your actual workout.

Time Your Visit

Mid-mornings and early evenings are the busiest. Instead head to the gym very early in the morning (5-7 a.m.), opt for a midday workout (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.), or between 1 and 3 p.m. for an afternoon session. This way you’ll have your choice of equipment and enough space to complete your workout comfortably.

Do Some Research

Many experience some level of anxiety/insecurity at the gym. A large part of that is a fear of looking inexperienced and not knowing how the equipment works. Instead of going in blind, do some research. A little knowledge will have a big impact on your confidence. Consider the equipment you may use during your visit, learn the basics and don’t forget to brush up on your form and technique. A few online searches will help you find the information needed. Just stick with reliable sources.