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FlexxiBand Loop Set

FlexxiBand Loop Set

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Take Your Workouts Anywhere

Whether at home, traveling or at the gym, resistance bands are an excellent way to keep your workouts flexible. The FlexxiBand is an ideal workout and therapy tool to rehabilitate muscles, increase strength, and improve flexibility in the lower extremities.

Loop Design: Lightweight elastic bands are designed in a loop to eliminate the need to tie traditional bands.

Who Are They Suitable For? Everyone! The FlexxiBand is a great tool for just about any type of training protocol (i.e. home exercise programs, rehabilitation, injury prevention, weightlifting, athletics).

Rehab: If you have ever gone through a physical therapy program, then you know that resistance bands are one of therapists' favorite pieces of equipment. FlexxiBands will help you stay on top of your rehab protocol.

Protects Your Joints: Increases your workout intensity without overloading your tendons, ligaments or joints.

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